Ah yes, the age old question. Is Freelancing reeeeaaaallly  worth it?

Well, there’s a lot of factors at play, and we’re going to dive into all of them. In this episode, we’ll explore what type of lifestyle freelancing is suited for, when you should quit your job, and is there a right a right way and a wrong way?

Find out.

1:30 — Start with Why. Start with your guiding star, why do you want to freelance? Time to self reflect.

3:00 — Auditing your family and person life. Is this the right decision based on your current situation, and moving into your desired situation. Children? Dependants? Debt? we cover all of it.

4:44 — Knowing your numbers, your expenses, your debts, your responsibilities and how you are currently spending your time and money.

7:00 — Do you like your current job? How long can you stay there while you build your side biz or do you need to quit ASAP?

7:30 — It’s just as important to take stock of your mental health. Do you need to leave your job for your own sanity, and how fast do you need to make the transition? These are all questions that you need to consider. This is why the decision  is so personal, and without answering these, there’s no way to know if going freelance is both smart and/or sustainable.

Be prepared to cut toxic relationships out, to be able to invest your time in thriving communities and supportive surroundings.

9:30 — We dive into all the pros and cons of freelancing, starting with Pros

— Be your own boss
— You get to make decisions
— Flexibility of schedule
— Flexibility of who you choose as clients
— Unlimited earning potential
— No commute
— Pursue your passion
— Work from anywhere
— Choose your days off
— No clothes required 🙂
— Full control over niche and direction and scale of your business
— Creative Freedom

— You need to make all the decisions
— Every client is essentially your boss
— Burnout while chasing $$$
— Isolation
— Travel while working can be expensive
— No one to help you solve problems (this is where community becomes important)
— You are responsible for all problems
— Responsible for all less-glamorous aspects of business
— No paid leave/mat leave/sick days/vacation days
— No Healthcare/Benefits
— Inconsistent income
— Distractions

23:20 — Jump to here if you want to know why I started Freelancing.