Sometimes niching down can freak people out. I get it,  it can feel like you’re alienating a portion of your audience but today we’re going to dive into how to do it right while building authority. Let’s go!

Here’s my 7 tips to niching down and building authority

3:10 — 1. Honing in on your niche, and identifying who you serve? This includes an exercise where we explore where there is overlap between what you’re good at and what potential clients need.

5:31 — 2. Double your prices (or at least increase them). People tie money to value and expect to pay more for specialty services. You are now a specialty service!

6:55 — 3. Don’t do something you hate. Let’s explore the golden area that intersects “what you’re good at”, “what the market dictates”, and “what you love”. Many people are scared to go here because they think it’s TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Repeat after me, nothing is too good to be true.

8:40 — 4. Market Research. Who is out there in that niche? Can you connect to them? I’ve found that most people who do well in their specialty are happy to chat about  it and answer questions. This combine with some preliminary Googling can help you get your footing when exploring your niche.

9:37 — 5. Tell people about your niche! Make what you do part of your introduction. Get your niche down to 5 – 7 words so you can clarify what you excell in and make an impact in a short period of time.

10:57 — 6. Paid Advertising. We dedicate most of time to organic growth, but don’t dismiss ads. Analytics have come so far, and they’re a relatively inexpensive way to reach an audience outside of your immediate circle.

12:46 — 7. Show up constantly, and provide value. You can try all the tactics in the world, but nothing will get more traction than doing the work. Writing pitch letters, breaking down how-to’s, and writing guest posts may not be the most glamorous work in the world, but it’s the work that makes everything pay off in the long run.

Put in the work, and keep on going. You got this!