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When you’re running a business as well as doing all of the client work, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business and create lasting systems that allow you to focus on your creativity?

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  • “Margaret and her team are attentive, knowledgeable and supportive whenever we work together. They find a way to bring my vision to life and always execute on time, and on budget. I wouldn’t do anything online without them!

    ~ Colin Nanka, Salesforce
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    I have recommended her to many of my ongoing clients and they have always loved working with her!”

    ~ Marie Poulin, Business Strategist & Productivity Expert
  • “Margaret is a rock star. She has solid tech knowledge, rapid and concise turnaround time and is an absolute pleasure to work with. You are in excellent hands!”

    ~ HeatherAsh Amara,

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5 Proposal Must-Haves for Your Web Development Proposal

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This guide brings you through the essential components of a high-converting proposal, as well as a checklist and exact scripts you can use every time you prepare a new proposal.